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Beatnode is a platform built exclusively for music promotion that helps you build a bigger and more engaged fanbase.

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Performance Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse by monitoring your performance across multiple services and social networks to see exactly how your fans are receiving you online.

Timed & Triggered Actions

Build exciting content campaigns ahead of schedule that launch precisely when you want them to, even if you're stuck on a plane on the way to a gig.

Manage & Promote Events

Input your gigs once and Beatnode not only pushes them to all the other important services, but takes care of reminding your fans when the time is right.

Upload & Promote Content

Manage your back catalogue and upload your new content to multiple services through a single unified interface. Use Beatnode's content unlocking feature to reward fans with exclusive downloads.

Painless Podcasting

Take the headache out of creating and launching a successful podcast feed by using Beatnode's simple interface and monitor exactly how many downloads you’re getting.

Target Your Marketing

Beatnode generates highly detailed fan data that can be segmented by age, location, and engagement. Use this information to target your marketing with pinpoint accuracy.

Clever and Beautiful

Generate eye-catching layouts for emailers, Facebook tabs and campaign landing pages without writing a single line of HTML. Host them on your personalised Beatnode URL or export and host on your own website. Oh, and all design are optimised for mobile.

Mobile Application

Being away from a computer no longer means being out of touch. Monitor almost every aspect of Beatnode in realtime from the palm of your hand. Gig sold out or even cancelled? Update your fans straight away with a single tap of the screen.

Integration & API

Beatnode is designed from the ground up to make integration a snap. Easily embed content on your existing websites with a simple copy and paste, or use our comprehensive API to create awesome Beatnode powered websites.